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ASP Partner Organisations

The ASP project is a collaborative effort involving five partner organisations: PAGS (Belgium), serving as the project coordinator, along with Help Autism Association (Romania), Synapsis Foundation (Poland), Autism-Europe (Belgium), and Babel Idiomas (Spain).


PAGS® supports professionals and educators in mainstream and alternative settings. Focusing on students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), their mission equips educators with tools to create timely and precise personalised education plans for SEN success. PAGS® offers a comprehensive platform for assessments, targets, strategies, reporting and progress tracking, alongside SEN training. Operating in 16+ countries across three continents, PAGS streamlines SEN processes, saving schools valuable time.


Help Autism Association

Help Autism Association aids children, youths and adults with autism through diagnosis, therapy, integration programs, and family support. The organisation assists over 600 individuals every year across three Romanian regions. Activities include awareness campaigns, support services, training for specialists, advocacy, and national & international cooperation projects.


Synapsis Foundation

Synapsis Foundation has been supporting people with autism and their families for more than 30 years, fostering family and social connections. Their main areas of activity include diagnosis, therapy, employment, and housing dedicated to the needs of people on the spectrum.



Established in 1983, Autism-Europe (AE) is an international non-profit organisation that aims to advance the rights and quality of life of autistic people and their families, comprising 90 member organisations across 38 European countries. They raise public awareness, influence European decision-makers, and collaborate with self-advocates and parents. Recognized as the voice of autism in Europe, they cooperate with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN), hold participative status with the Council of Europe, and were the first disability NGO to lodge a collective complaint with the European Committee of Social Rights.


Babel Idiomas

Babel Idiomas, established in 1999, is a renowned language school in Spain. It currently houses two language centres and offers online classes globally, teaching English, Spanish, German, and French. Their diverse team specialises in social inclusion, dyslexia-friendly methodology, and are actively involved in multiple Erasmus+ projects.


Special Acknowledgment

This project is the result of the unwavering dedication and commitment of numerous people who prioritise inclusion and tirelessly strive to enhance the lives of autistic people. We are immensely grateful to everyone who has contributed to the success of this project.

Rozina Spinnoy

Founder and Director of BIDs Belgium, LinkedIn

Lieve Milissen

Clinical Psychologist, LinkedIn