Empowering autistic jobseekers

With ASP (Autism Spectrum Pathways), we're dedicated to building smoother pathways from study to work for people on the autism spectrum.

About us

ASP is a research partner collective dedicated to creating a future in which autistic people have access to the labour market as well as the support and opportunities they need to thrive in the workplace. Through collaboration, we strive to harness the unique talents of people on the autism spectrum, driving innovation, creativity, and productivity.

ASP’s research report

Embark on an in-depth exploration with this state-of-the-art research report, dissecting the present employment landscape for autistic jobseekers. Uncover the myriad challenges faced by autistic job seekers in accessing opportunities and the obstacles encountered by VET teachers and employers in fostering accessible training and employment. This comprehensive report not only identifies challenges but provides a profound understanding, serving as a guiding compass for transformative change.

Expert-reviewed guides

Reviewed by business experts, those working in the field of autism, and those who are themselves on the spectrum, our guide stands as a strategic resource to advance employment accessibility for autistic jobseekers. It provides valuable insights into the essential requirements for VET schools and employers to become more autism-friendly, and empowers those with autism to successfully navigate through training programmes and access the employment market.

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Training platform

Explore our freely accessible training platform, featuring interactive modules customised to meet the unique needs of autistic job seekers, VET teachers, and employers. This comprehensive training serves as a dual empowerment tool. It equips autistic job seekers with the skills necessary for successful employment while offering VET teachers, trainers, and employers an in-depth understanding of autism, empowering them to cultivate more effective and supportive structures.

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Autism map

Discover European Autism-Friendly Orgs & NGOs. Explore organisations offering opportunities in employement and support for autistic jobseekers.

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Autistic voices

Learn stories about autistic voices and their experiences in the job market.

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